Winter Lennon Giveaway! (International).

Winter Lennon Giveaway! (International).

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Choies Spring Epilogue Giveaway has Landed !  OPTIONAL GIFTS + SHIPPING = $0 !!! Dont miss this, enter now ! you cant win if you dont enter !! 

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Helloooooo, I have been away because I have finally moved and settled in my temporarily house. I thought packing is a chore, unpacking is equally bad! LOL I have also been busy for I am celebrating my birthday thanks to these amazing friends who makes the effort in making me feel extra special on this day of mine!

Anyway, I was really upset when I was heading out to meet my besties for my birthday celebration because I lost my camera. I was really careless and I left the camera in the cab. The camera was on loan from my bff and I lost it. He was really sweet and he didn’t want me to compensate but I had to do it for I felt really bad. What is more upsetting was the fact that I gave chased after 2 minutes and even had the call center helped contact the…

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Awesome Giveaway !



In 13 months we have TODAY reached a milestone! I am very impressed with what we are achieving here at AustralianPerfumeJunkies. Thanks to all of you. THANK YOU to all of you. Our readers, contributors, friends, family and everyone who has helped us get here to 150,000 views. I am amazed that together we have done so much, and this is only the beginning!

150000 KitsunePhoto Stolen Kitsune


FENDI Donna 5ml 99perfumePhoto Stolen 99perfume


1 x 5ml mini FENDI Donna EdP
P&H Anywhere in the world

I have dug this up from my special secret hoard of vintage fragrances. Almost full and in perfect condition, it smells so beautiful. Currently I’m seeing these rare beauties on eBay for nearly $70. Launched in 1985 this fabulously hardcore vintage fragrance has EVERYTHING, a big fat bombastic floriental that any new perfumista must try and many a…

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